J. Malik Teachings

Million Dollar Marriage


"Marriage is a multi-million dollar business!"

Key Topics:

- Understanding the business of marriage
- Staying away from the "50/50" trap
- Maintaining the masculine/feminine dynamic
- Earning money in feminine energy vs masculine energy
- Choosing the right partner to build an empire with
- Managing household finances
- Adopting a wealth conscious mindset
- Letting go of scarcity
- How to invest for the future
- Teaching your children proper money lessons
- and more!

presented by Jakal El-Malik

(Author of Entering Her Vortex)

Saturday, December 10, 2022

3pm - 6pm CST

Workshop will be held LIVE via ZOOM.
A private Q&A period will begin once the workshop is complete.
All attendees will also be able to submit questions before the event.
A replay recording will be made available.

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