J. Malik Teachings

For the Boy Without a Father

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Written For Men Looking to Reconnect to Their True Masculine Nature

Growing up without a healthy masculine father-figure to serve as a positive role model can be extremely detrimental to the development of young men as they transition into adulthood.

It's one of the greatest challenges to overcome as a man in modern society, because..

Deep inside still lives that boy without a father.

And until he is able to be properly energized, motivated, and confident in his masculine energy, there will always be a void that his father did not fill.

In this book, we share lessons on masculinity, leadership, success, and manhood that will allow men (both young and old) to begin thriving at new levels as they reach their full masculine potential.

The world needs strong men more than ever and prayerfully this book will serve as a guide to those who need it most.

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