The School of Alignment

The Self-Awakening Masterclass

$100 $200

The Alchemist's Guide to Self-Awakening Masterclass is a self-paced program broken down into three major components over an 8-week span. 

Component 1: Deprogram

Objective - To remove all negative energy blocks and mental barriers from your consciousness field so that you can begin to step into your true power.

  • Week 1 - Personal Power
  • Week 2 - Death of Self / Dancing With the Ego

Component 2: Reactivate

Objective - To reactivate your true inner consciousness as an infinite spiritual being so that you can reclaim your power.

  • Week 3 - The Infinite Self I
  • Week 4 - The Law of Attraction
  • Week 5 - Mindfulness, Meditation, and Metaphysics

Component 3: Transform

Objective - To transform your new energetic state into a life of spiritual purpose where you can begin impacting others.

  • Week 6 - The Infinite Self II
  • Week 7 - Your Infinite Spiritual Purpose & Identity
  • Week 8 - The Infinite Self III

This is a transformative 8-week experience that will completely change your life.

Begin your journey today.


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