The School of Alignment

The Self-Mastery Workshop Bundle


The International School of Alignment presents The Self-Mastery Workshop Bundle featuring 11 workshops that will completely transform your life:

1. The Alchemist's Guide to Self-Awakening 8-Week Masterclass

The original self-awakening course that has helped thousands of our students get back in tune with their inner self.

2. The 7 Principles of Alignment

Discover the 7 principles and how to apply them in your spiritual life.

3. The Self-Alignment Workshop

Align yourself to your true purpose and learn the things that are holding you back from achieving at a higher level.

4. The Art & Science of Manifestation

Learn the science behind manifestation and how to apply it gracefully with the art of life.

Lectures by J. Malik
Founder, The International School of Alignment

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