J. Malik Teachings

7-Day Writing Workshop


Join our exclusive workshop designed to take you from IDEA to BOOK COMPLETION in 7 days or less.

This workshop was created by J. Malik, a 7x author with over 25,000 copies sold who is giving you his personal insights on outling, writing, editing, promoting, and selling your book.

You'll learn about:

  • Being in the right mental space
  • How to know if your book idea is SELLABLE
  • Outlining your book for success
  • A daily template to write with POWER
  • How to edit your book without having to hire an editor
  • Designing your book cover in less than 24hrs
  • How to create your own brand around your book
  • How to promote your book on social media
  • Different ways to increase sales
  • Leveraging your writing for longterm success
  • Creating the biggest impact for your readers
  • How to stay disciplined enough to FINISH writing
  • The best time to write a book
  • When to hire help
  • Creating your long-term vision
  • and much more!

Join today and take the challenge to complete your book in the next 7 days!

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