J. Malik Teachings

The Divine Masculine Handbook


One of the greatest challenges to overcome as a man in modern society is growing up with a less than ideal masculine role model as a father.

That's why in this book, we share lessons on masculinity, leadership, success, and manhood that will allow men (both young and old) to begin thriving at new levels as they reach their full masculine potential.

Written For Men Looking to Connect to their Divine Masculine Nature

    • Step into your full masculine strength
    • Become the highest version of yourself
    • Find your purpose and achieve your dreams
    • Create a healthy relationship with money and success
    • Become a high performance man
    • Increase your confidence
    • Master your sex drive and learn the power of energy
    • Become a respected leader amongst men
    • Be a positive male role model
    • Create a legacy 
    • Develop your work ethic
    • Rise above your father's shadows
    • Activate your true potential
    • and more!

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