Why A Man Should Never Pursue a Woman

Why A Man Should Never Pursue a Woman

A divine masculine man pursues purpose, not women.

A divine feminine woman aligns herself with purpose, not attention.

If there is a natural alignment in spiritual purpose AND a natural energetic connection, there will be MAGNETISM.

He will have to speak and show his intentions, but he will not have to chase or pursue the woman if there is true MAGNETISM.

He is pursuing MARRIAGE and courting her because forming a family aligns with their purpose together and their union.

The problem with most relationships is that there is zero initial magnetism, but there is pursuit and physical attraction followed by sex and/or emotional connection.

And people move based off these very shallow connections that you can have with virtually anyone.

It's all about energy and presence.

A woman operating in her divine feminine energy is naturally attracting her divine masculine counterpart.

There is no resistance present between them because they have literally spent their entire lives preparing for each other.

There is a natural magnetism and when he states his intentions and light is shed on the connection, he is in pursuit of MARRIAGE - not in pursuit of the woman.

The sacred union of marriage aligns with the very *purpose* that brought them together.

A man that is pursuing a woman, is chasing something that most likely isn't aligned for him.

Magnets either ATTRACT or REPEL, but they don't pursue.

If there is no natural magnetism, either the pair are both not operating in their divine state and/or they simply are not meant to be.


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