The Power of Sexual Healing

There is an undying need for healing between masculine & feminine energy on the planet and this can be seen very easily when you look at the way modern families are constructed.
Sex culture has taken the sanctity out of creation.
The things children are exposed to today are extremely vulgar when you compare to them to what was acceptable 50 years ago.
This is not by coincidence, but by design.
The less sexual discipline a civilization has, the more likely it is to crumble.
Because the primary building block of society is the FAMILY UNIT; and the family unit is created through sex.
But when there is no commitment, no growth, and an overemphasis on pleasure and promiscuity.. you end up with family structures built from mistakes, loneliness, lust, trauma, pain, resentment, unreadiness, and instability.
Many modern women grow up and have an unhealthy relationship with their fathers, creating an unhealthy relationship with masculine energy; and as a result - an unhealthy relationship with her feminine energy as well.
Because of this, she is 10x more likely to adopt the culture of promiscuity and make the same mistakes as her mother when it comes to Mate Selection.
Because she hasn't healed from her patriarchal trauma in the home, she will recreate that trauma for her children and the cycle repeats until her lineage is extinct or someone breaks the curse.
When men don't have good examples of what it means to be an honorable man and he is not molded into that image, he will be more inclined to be energetically attracted to the women who value promiscuity.
He will not understand the principles of masculinity and will confuse them with aggressiveness, dominance, and sexual conquest.
Like attracts like.
So in order to create healthy family structures, we must first have healthy relationships; which means you have to work on your healing journey and your sexual discipline.
You also have to understand the energetic dynamic between Man & Woman.
The woman is meant to be supported, protected, uplifted, and provided for by a Divine Masculine Man.
But that cannot happen if she is not deeply in tune with her Divine Feminine Energy as she is meant to reciprocate his energy by aiding him in his mission.
Unfortunately, in today's society we continue to normalize casual relationships that end up draining us more than anything.
In my new book, Entering Her Vortex, I break down the spiritual dynamics between a Divine Masculine Man and a Divine Feminine Woman; how we can heal from previous relationships; and how to establish a spiritually purposeful union here on earth.
It's time to change the trajectory of our futures and the fate of our family legacies.
May your path of growth lead to generational healing.
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