The Path to Self-Awakening

The Path to Self-Awakening

Self-awakening is the process of discovering who you are on a deeper spiritual level.

It requires you to remove the negative energy from your aura that you've been conditioned with and programmed by since birth.

It's a very difficult process, but it something that I help my students with daily.

There are three primary steps to Self-Awakening:

1. The Ego Death

2. The Rebirth

3. The Reclamation

Each step involves its own process of learning, unlearning, and implementation.

Let's dive deeper.


The ego represents your sense of Self.

It is who you THINK you are and thus is a very controlling factor in your life.

It's why you don't always go for your goals.

It's why you may doubt yourself.

It's why you behave a certain way.

The ego is powerful, but it can make you a lesser version of who you're meant to be.

In my teachings, we discuss the energetics behind the ego and how to rearrange these energies in your favor.

All in all, the ego represents your masculine energy.

In order to shift, one has to dive deeper into their unseen feminine energy.

She allows you to become a new version of Self.

As simple as this may sound, it is a rigorous process that involves combing thru all of your thoughts, behaviors, ideologies, habits, values, and beliefs.

We must begin retracing Self back down to nothingness.

Because in the nothingness, we find our true selves.

When we stop trying to be, we can simply be.

This realm of thought is the antithesis of the ego, who believes it must behave in a certain way to maintain its status of Self.

It is an insecure energy.

Masculine energy is fragile in that regard, but one does not have to remain in this default state of low frequency existence.

To fully awaken, one must ascend beyond the burden of proof understanding that there is nothing that can validate your existence beyond existence itself.

When you let go of who you think you need to be for the eyes of others and who you think you don't need to be for the eyes of others, you can become free.

It's an interesting conundrum of the human psyche caused by imbalance.

There are people trying to prove they are kind and there are people trying to prove they are not kind; both controlled by the same energy.

The ego death is about surrendering to the unknown parts of life that can only unfold thru you.

It is surrendering to the fact that you are NOT in control.

It is allowing the Divine to guide your steps in all moments.

The Ego wants to know: Who am I here to be?

Spirit answers: No one.


Once the ego has faced itself and surrendered to the Divine, there is a rebirth process waiting to take form.

After all, you are still here to have a tangible human experience.

But much like a guest at a theme park, you don't control how high or how fast the rides are.

And in this case, your ego is not even sure what rides you'll be getting on while you're here on earth.

But your spirit knows.

And after this ego death, it is your job to stay in tune with spirit so that you can attract what is meant for you in this lifetime.

Everything that is desired from your higher self is not really a desire.

It is a resonance.

There is a frequency connection because it is already written.

The script was already laid out for you on your path.

And the beauty is, you don't have to know all the lines in advance.

You don't have to know where to put the props.

You don't have to do the casting.

You don't have to hold any auditions.

You don't even have to promote the show.

You simply have to be aligned with Spirit.

When you're aligned, your path unfolds gracefully.

It'll seem like you're in a movie how things seem to just happen at the right time.

But when you're moving in misalignment, everything will have friction.

You'll be fighting your own path.

You'll want to be in control.

You won't have trust in spirit.

You will get hyper-consumed in the "what-is".

And it will ultimately place you back into a place of spiritual imprisonment.

This then affects your mental and emotional state; drastically impairing your ability to manifest in a clean and healthy way.

This rebirth process is about correctly integrating what you learned thru the ego death experience.

The plot twist is that the ego never really dies.

It only evolves.

So each level of ascension comes with greater resistance and thus requires greater levels of surrender.

This Rebirth phase is about remembering that no matter where you are in life, there is still more room for trust and surrender to fully embrace your path.


We are infinite spiritual beings, here to live a human experience.

We are here to surrender to our paths, but that does not mean we are here to live a completely passive life.

There is a new found power that comes from the ego death and the spiritual rebirth process.

You are now able to live with a new level of freedom and purpose.

You are able to create with great ease.

You are empowered and at peace.

This is what happens when you reclaim the power that you neglected when you were living beneath your true consciousness.

You are now here to be a Light for others who will follow you on your path.

You are here to be the resonance for those who are meant to join you in communion.

You are here to build the new world in the highest spiritual image of The Divine.

You are here to place high regard on spiritual purpose and for it to become the focal point of your life.

All things we are meant to experience here comes from our highest spiritual state.

Do you fully trust your path?

Do you reclaim the power of spiritual purpose?

Are you ready to embody that energy to a world still in darkness?

This is the path of self-awakening..

It is a path most aren't willing to travel.

You are only here now because YOU are one of the chosen few who are called to lead this era of man into his spiritual peak.

Do not fight your fate.

This challenge belongs to you.

This battle is yours to win.

This world is yours to elevate.

True self-awakening becomes mass awakening.

When you understand that you are connected with all things, you realize that your actions impact every other human being and every single aspect of nature.

The higher your frequency of consciousness, the higher the frequency of the planet.

The stronger your ability (and willingness) to be a vessel for Spirit, the clearer Spirit can speak thru you to others.

This is why we are here.

To bring the Divine back to earth.

To reclaim this world for the Kingdom of God.

To harness the power of love in a world full of darkness.

And to be a Light for all to see, so that they too may answer the call and take the path of awakening.

Peace & Love.


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