Results vs Desires

Your Subconscious Programming = Your Results
If I had to sum up my thoughts beforehand, that may be it.
It may seem overly simple, but that is a common characteristic of truth.
The challenge, then, is not in understanding the concept..
It's in the way we **choose** to navigate that truth to alter our own lives.
The subconscious mind controls up to 95% of our thoughts at any given moment.
It is the core attraction mechanism when we talk about the law of attraction.
So why is that so many people are unable to change their subconscious programming?
Mostly because we get comfortable in our realities; even when our conscious minds say we desire more.. our subconscious is saying "This is safe. This is enough. I am satisfied with living beneath my potential."
This sense of safety is the biggest barrier to growth and evolution.
Growth is never safe.
It requires stepping out into The Unknown.
It requires us to play BIGGER than what we're used to.
It requires stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge of the day.
It requires us to change what we're used to doing so that we can get results we're not used to getting.
You cannot change and stay the same.
It's mathematically impossible.
Whatever it is that you are wanting to improve, grow, or shift in your life..
Is going to require that you improve, grow, and shift your subconscious mind.
This is easier said than done, but you need a complete overhaul of thinking.
The thoughts you have now can only produce results that you already have.
In order to manifest a new reality, your entire subconscious programming needs to change.
Commit to your growth by understanding that you have to make a shift.